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is a lightweight Gnu/Linux distribution based on Debian build from scratch.


Django is a complete high-level web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design

We develop Broletto for passion without economic return or benefits; we love Debian and FOSS principles. Open Source, Python and Django are also our principals day by day job platforms where we build our ethical job.

If you like work with Open Source platform (Debian) and Django, Broletto could be an interesting starting point for you. It's a dedicated distribution/live environment where you can explore and test dozens of resources/tips to learn better Django.
Broletto is a free GPL project, but if you like, you can help us to keep the connection live.. thanks

Here is our project

Broletto is a simple and lightweight Debian GNU/Linux distributioni build from scratch: it's based on the stable branch of mom Debian. Requires fewer hardware resources to run, it's safe, fast and is built around the people we love. Download:

32-bit 64-bit


Broletto loves Django. We have developed this simple distribution around our day job passion, Django. Broletto now contains resources, code and scripts to improve the best experience when you use Django. If you are a Django developer, or a GNU/Linux enthusistic, please help us to build the best distro for Django and python language.

Help fund Broletto

if you like the horizont of this project, you can choose to donate something. Help us to keep our VPS running. How is the money used? The money is used to finance the needs of the distribution, to pay for hosting, to advertise on other websites.Thank you!

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